فريق خبراء علاج اورام الجهاز الهضمي


Gastrointestinal Oncology of Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer center, led by Pro. Liu Haiying and Pro. Wang Jiannan, is the largest diagnosis and treatment provider in South China. Now, the unit is staffed with 2 chief physicians(one is doctoral supervisor, the other is doctor), 3 attending doctors and 2 resident doctors(one of them is doctor, and 2 are master).

The unit has formulated an established and advanced system targeted at benign and malignant abdominal tumors, including minimally invasive surgery, open surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunobiological therapy, interventional radiotherapy and TCM combined with Western Medicine.

1.Standardized diagnosis and treatment: Standardized radical treatment of gastrointestinal tumors, for example treatment of gastric cancer and colorectal cancer, complete circumferential mesorectal excision (CCME) and Ultra-low anterior resection for low rectal cancer, has stayed abreast of top-notch facilities at home and abroad.

2.Maximum efficacy: Under the leadership of two professors, the unit has probed into the innovation of procedures that have considerably brought down recurrence rate and elevated 5-year survival rate.

3.Three-dimentional multidisciplinary collaboration: The unit strives to offer more comprehensive and evidence-based treatment plan for patients through a multidisciplinary consultation conducted by top domestic expert.

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