Personal Data Protection Act

● About the use of personal information
Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Center may use patients' personal information in the following tasks.If it is used for other purposes, prior consent of the patient will be obtained.
● Disclosure, Correction and Discontinuation of Use of Personal Information
In order to disclose, correct or stop the use of patients' personal information, Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Center will strictly comply with the provisions of the law concerning the protection of personal information.

The purpose of using personal information of patients of Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Center

To provide the following medical-related services

1. To provide medical services in our facility
2. To cooperate with other medical institutions (hospitals and clinics)
3. Responding to referrals from other medical institutions
4. Soliciting opinions or suggestions from doctors at other medical institutions regarding the treatment of patients at our facility
5. Commissioning outside institutions to perform sample tests and other operations
6. Provide explanations of medical conditions to families
7. Providing other medical-related services

For handling medical billing-related affairs

1. Handling medical, nursing care, workers' compensation insurance, public medical insurance and other insurance billing matters in the facility or entrusted to an outside organization
2. Submitting receipts to the examination and payment agency
3. Responding to inquiries from the examination and payment agencies or insurance companies
4. Submitting or inquiring about publicly funded health service to the relevant administrative agencies
5. Handling other medical insurance affairs related to medical treatment, nursing care, workers' compensation insurance, and publicly funded health service

For the operation and management of our facility

1. accounting and accounting
2. Reporting medical incidents, etc.
3. Improving the quality of medical services
4. Management of inpatient and discharge wards
5. Use in other related operations


For notification of results of health checkups commissioned by companies, etc.

For handling physician's liability insurance, consulting or reporting to related medical professional bodies or insurance companies

To maintain and improve basic information for medical and nursing services

For medical internships at our facility

For clinical research aimed at improving the quality of medical care

For providing information to external monitoring bodies

For providing information related to the Basic Law of Medical Control in China

* If a patient does not agree with the provision of his or her personal information to other medical institutions, please consult with our customer service staff.
* If no objection is received, the facility will treat it as if you have given your informed consent.
* Patients have the right to change or withdraw their informed consent at any time.