Treatment Unit of Mammary Gland Tumor


The Mammary Gland Oncology of Guangzhou Royal Lee Cancer Center is a standardized treatment provider in Huangpu District, Guangzhou. It has an established system targeted at mammary gland surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and shape rehabilitation.
The Mammary Gland Oncology team is led by Professor Liu Pengxi, the academic leader of the key disciplines of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has established a complete and mature program for the differential diagnosis of various benign and malignant mammary gland tumors, and formed a multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment team for the disease with Imaging Department, Medical Oncology, Anesthesia Chamber and other related departments. The center seeks to improve the life quality of patients through advanced diagnostic equipment and TCM combined with Western medicine.
At present, the unit is capable of performing clinical breast exams with GE’s Mammography Machine and Doppler Sonography of mammary glands. This helps to diagnose breast cancer as earlier as possible to facilitate better prognosis.
Specialized Treatment: The unit provides specialized, standardized and individualized treatment for patients by focusing on the diagnosis of breast diseases, conforming to the latest version of the NCCN(National Comprehensive Cancer Network) Clinical Practice Guidelines for Breast Cancer and staying abreast of latest concepts and methods in the international breast field.
TCM combined with Western Medicine: Professor Liu Pengxi is the leader of the center and the head of the Collaborative Group of Breast Hyperplasia, a key Oncology of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He specializes in the treatment of breast hyperplasia with TCM combined with Western medicine to achieve better outcome.
Multidisciplinary Treatment: The unit stays in touch with many related departments inside and outside the facility and breast experts from national famous 3a-grade hospitals to offer a variety of high-end treatment services.
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