From Silence to Sound: Overcoming Gingival Cancer

In the lives of ordinary people, gathering around a table with family, enjoying good food, and sharing laughter is as commonplace as can be. However, for Grandma Dong, these simple joys became distant dreams. Gingival cancer, a seemingly remote yet cruel disease, mercilessly deprived her of the right to enjoy these ordinary pleasures.
Gingival Cancer of the Left Mandible: The Silent Pain
Let's rewind to that summer of 2022 when ulcers on Grandma Dong's left mandible began to ravage her peaceful life. Initially, she didn't pay much attention, thinking it was just a common inflammation. However, as time passed, the ulcers not only failed to improve but worsened, with pain escalating like a tidal wave, leaving her sleepless at night.
After a series of examinations at the local hospital, Grandma Dong was diagnosed with gingival cancer of the left mandible. This news struck her like a bolt from the blue, instantly shattering her world. Surgery removed the tumor tissue, but doctors informed her that to consolidate the treatment's effectiveness, she needed radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, considering Grandma Dong's physical condition, her family worried she wouldn't withstand the side effects of such treatment and ultimately chose to refuse.
However, fate seemed unkind to the elderly woman. After being discharged from the hospital, Grandma Dong's condition rapidly deteriorated. What was initially just localized ulcers had now swollen to the point where even opening her mouth became difficult. The pain, inability to eat, inability to speak—these torments plunged her life into utter darkness.
Two Interventions, Gratitude Expressed
Her family refused to give up and searched far and wide for renowned doctors and hospitals. Through a fortuitous opportunity, they learned about Dr. Huang Deliang, head of the Minimally Invasive Treatment Center at Guangzhou Royal Lee Cancer Center. Dr. Huang had extensive experience in treating challenging tumors like gingival cancer, with countless success stories. Seeing a glimmer of hope, the family decided to bring Grandma Dong for treatment.
Upon admission, Grandma Dong was emaciated, weak, mentally and physically exhausted. Her left facial swelling was severe, with a diameter of about 8cm, and a localized elevation of about 5cm in diameter could be seen in the central area. Grandma Dong wore a troubled expression but found it difficult to speak; most of the time, she could only respond with nods or shakes of her head. Dr. Huang Deliang saw her plight and immediately arranged for her admission and discussed treatment options. Considering Grandma Dong's intolerance to traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Dr. Huang Deliang's team devised a plan for arterial infusion embolization therapy.

Before and After Treatment Comparison

Guandma Dong and Dr. Huang Deliang
After the initial arterial infusion embolization therapy, Grandma Dong's spirits, appetite, and sleep improved significantly. The swelling on the left side of her face visibly decreased, and the local ulceration began to heal, with the facial features becoming more symmetrical. After the second treatment, the ulceration shrank from 8cm to 4cm x 1.5cm, with only a 5mm sinus seen at the base, and the edges of the ulceration began to elevate and dry up, with the granulation tissue inside the ulceration mostly healed.
Seeing Grandma Dong recover more and more, her family felt both happy and joyous. With just two treatments, the ulceration, originally the size of a duck egg, had shrunk to the size of a small chicken egg, and the initial stabbing pain had gradually disappeared, with noticeable improvement in her ability to open her mouth. Grandma Dong could finally speak to her family and the medical team.
During a ward round, Grandma Dong excitedly grasped Dr. Huang Deliang's hand and repeatedly thanked him, saying, "Dr. Huang, thank you for saving me! Thank you for helping me rediscover the joy of life!" Tears shimmered in her eyes, reflecting her longing for life and hope for the future.
Today, Grandma Dong has rediscovered the joy of life. She can eat and speak normally, sharing life's moments with her family. This journey from silence to sound, though filled with hardship and tears, also witnessed the miracles of medicine and the brilliance of humanity.
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