Health Check-Up Blue Package

Classification items   Men   Women
Clinical examination internal examination
physical examination
Gynecological examination  
Oral examination
Eye examination
Non-contact intraocular pressure
Ocular fundus photography (including films)
Ear, nose & throat exam
Color Doppler ultrasound of heart
Color Doppler ultrasound of breast  
Color Doppler ultrasound of thyroid
Color Doppler ultrasound of prostate  
Color Doppler ultrasound for urinary system
Color Doppler ultrasound of Hepatobiliary, spleen, pancreatic
Color Doppler ultrasound of uterus and adnexa  
128-slice spiral lung CT plain scan
Ambulatory ECG (with HRV analysis)
Leucorrhea routine  
Cervical thinprep cytology test (TCT)  
serum ferritin
Man’s 11 Tumor Markers  
Women’s 8 Tumor Markers  
Blood routine
Fecal analysis+
fecal occult blood test+ ferritin levels
Amylase Enzyme Test
Fasting blood sugar test
Liver function of 12 items
Renal function of 3 items (BUN, Cr, UA)
Blood fat of 4 items
Hepatitis Virus 5 items
rheumatoid factor test
Immunoglobulins Blood Test 5 items
Electrolyte test of 7 items
Arteriosclerosis examination
Bone mineral density test
13C-Urea Breath Test
TCM Consultation TCM consultation for Health & Constitution advice
material Blood collection fee
nutritious breakfast nutritious breakfast
Medical Examination Report Medical Examination Report
member price 3650 RMB

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