فريق خبراء جراحة الاورام


The department can deal with common tumors, including gastrointestinal tumors, mammary gland tumors, thyroid tumors and hepatobiliary and pancreatic tumors.


Director of the department, Pro. Wu Aiguo, has worked in Surgery Department in famous affiliated hospital of medical college for many years and has been awarded “Famous Doctor of Ling Nan” and “Good Doctor of Guangzhou”. He’s a veteran in handling gastric tumors, colorectal tumors, retroperitoneal neoplasms, mammary gland tumors and thyroid tumors, particularly in low anterior resection for low rectal cancer, breast-conserving therapy(BCT), reoperation for recurrent tumor and surgery for the elder.

Under the leadership of Pro. Wu, the surgery team has led the way in standardized and personalized treatment and conducted minimally invasive surgery for various tumors of the stomach, intestinal tract and hepatobiliary tract, pancreatic tumor surgery, breast tumor surgery and thyroid tumor surgery as well as multidisciplinary consultation for recurrent and complicated cases.


In addition, surgical treatment for various abdominal hernias, anal diseases, and peripheral vascular disease are also available.

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