Public Kitchen

Royal Lee Cancer Center, as a modern oncology hospital dedicated to providing comprehensive medical services, has always focused on the needs and experiences of patients. In order to ensure that patients feel a sense of warmth and comfort akin to home during their treatment, we have specially established a public kitchen, providing patients and their family members with a space for free cooking.
The public kitchen is clean, bright, and well-equipped. We have provided professional kitchen utensils and appliances, including microwaves, frying pans, soup pots, and more, facilitating patients and their families to cook delicious meals independently. The kitchen is stocked with a variety of seasonings and ingredients, allowing patients and their families to prepare meals according to their own tastes and preferences.

Furthermore, we have opened a clinical nutrition department staffed by professional nutritionists who provide dietary guidance for inpatients. Nutritionists tailor personalized dietary advice based on the patients' medical conditions and treatment plans, offering strong support for disease recovery.
The establishment of the public kitchen at the Royal Lee not only provides a convenient cooking space for patients and their families but also conveys the hospital's humane care and warmth towards patients. Through this initiative, we aim to enable patients to experience a sense of warmth and comfort akin to home during their treatment, fostering a more positive attitude in facing illnesses and overcoming adversities.
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