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Royal Lee Cancer Center provides exceptional healthcare services, exemplifying excellence in patient care. With a dedicated and compassionate staff, cutting-edge medical technology, and a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment, the hospital stands out for its commitment to delivering top-notch care to individuals facing the challenges of cancer.

Commercial insurance

In order to facilitate medical treatment, Guangzhou Royal Lee Cancer Center has jointly established the "commercial health insurance direct payment system" with a number of well-known commercial insurance institutions at home and abroad, integrating comprehensive full-cycle health management services and financial services, in order to provide patients with a one-stop and high-end medical insurance ecological services. The insurance company will keep abreast of the patient's treatment situation and the expenses incurred through the connected network, so that the patient can immediately make a claim when he or she is discharged from the hospital. As a result, patients who previously took 10 days to get reimbursed may now only take just 10 seconds at the cash desk.
At present, the commercial insurance institutions that have reached commercial insurance cooperation with our hospital and signed direct payment agreements are as follows:  AIA, Ping An Insurance, Yuanhua Healthcare, Taikang Life, PICC, China Health Connect, Huiyibao, Orient Air Medical Association, Allianz, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, AXA, and Europ Assistance. The commercial insurance institutions to be signed include Generali China and Cigna & CMB.
As a responsible large-scale international hospital, Royal Lee Cancer Center always adheres to the concept of "patient-centered care", and provides humanized, all-round high-quality medical services for every patient. In the future, we will continue to introduce more commercial insurance institutions at home and abroad, to save patients and their families the tedious reimbursement process, and to obtain the best diagnosis and treatment results in a more relaxed mood.

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